A residential community for adults on the autism spectrum

Project Overview

ASPIRE will be built in a walkable location, near employment sources such as malls or shopping areas. The design will be a rectangular building with 28 individual dwelling units circled around a common space. The common space will have an entrance foyer with offices to one side and the mail and laundry rooms on the other. It will open to a foyer with an elevator and wraparound staircase. The second floor and first floor will be almost the same and have long corridors with dwelling units on each side.

Behind the staircase, there will be a common room with communal kitchen, dining/sitting area and game room. The kitchen will be a larger version of a house kitchen and not an industrial kitchen. Residents will cook their own meals day to day, however the kitchen will be available for meal prep courses, events and culinary training. The game room will be used for playing video games (time limited) and watching sports. There will also be an outdoor patio area that will open to the rear of the building and feature a deck with outdoor seating and a grill. Across from the kitchen area there will be laundry facilities, which will feature three washers and three dryers.

Safety is paramount. There will be emergency exits located on each side of the building with wide-open corridors. Everything in ASPIRE will feature straight lines and open spaces to provide both safety and a sense of comfort for the residents. Interior walls will be painted bright solid colors to both provide a home feel as well as keep sensory triggers to a minimum.

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